Established at high noon on April 1, 2010 at Matlacha Island 


















Declaration of Cultural Independence  
of the Islands of

~ The Mangrove Republic ~

The herein described Declaration is of and by the Mangrovian People of the Islands of Pine, Little Pine, Bocilla, Galt, McCardle, Buzzard, Calusa, Matlacha, the Peninsula of Matlacha, and such other Islands that may join us, United into The Mangrove Republic, after due Debate and Drinking of Rum & Beer.  That this Declaration is Necessary is due to the following Conditions:

Whereas, over many the Years since about 1960, the Cultural, Political, and Social  Authorities of the Main Lande of Florida have not Understood—and not Cared to Understand—the Grand and Historical Culture of These Islands…

Whereas, those selfsame Authorities have assumed that We are similar to the Tourist Locales of Sanibel, Captiva, and Estero Islands, not withstanding that We are Proud to be Working Islands, Famous for our Agriculture and Commercial Fishing, and the Highest Speed Limit of the Coast …

Whereas, Our Native Cultural Habits have thus been Thwarted and Demeaned  by a lack of Understanding and Respect by those in Cultural Power who dwell upon the Main Lande of Florida.

Therefore We, Mangrovians each and all, under the considerable and agreeable Influence of Rum , do hereby declare Our Cultural Independence of those Politically Correct and Arrogant Few from East of Our Eden, who would dismiss the Arts, Literature, Musick, Drinks and Cuisine, of These Beautiful Beachless Islands.

We Mangrovians do further pledge Our Humor, Our Tyme, Our Treasures, and Our Various Talents, to the Pursuit of the Culture of These Independent Islands, Our Blessed Home. May the Culture of These Islands Shine Brightly for Years to Come, Blinding those who may seek to dismiss our Accomplishments.

Thus We, of admittedly Unsound Mindes , with Tongues firmly in Cheek, Confident in Our Purpose, Strong in Our Resolve, and Firm in Our Pledge to Fight such Cultural Arrogance with Our Considerable Arsenal of Humor, Artistic Talent, and Industrious Efforts, do Proclaim:

Long Live The Mangrovian Committee 
for the Cultural Independence of 
The Mangrove Republic



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